Frequently Asked Questions:


All sites are designed and optimized for Firefox browser. To get the latest version, please go here.


  • My username and password is not working.
  • Both your login & password are case SeNsiTiVe and should not contain any spaces on either side. If you username and or password is not working, please contact our billing provider, CC Bill, Inc. Their email address is


I just subscribed and I cannot log in.
Please allow up to 15 minutes for CCBill to write your information to the file. If you are still having problems, please contact


Your download limit may have been exceeded
You are allowed to download 5 gigabytes in a 12 hour period. If you exceeded that, then your account will be locked for 12 hours. Do not rush in downloading content, your account is good for 30 days. This helps to maintain good download speeds for the rest of the viewers and helps to prevent site ripping which is frowned upon.


I entered the wrong username and password too many times and now I am locked out.

Please wait 30 minutes for the system to unlock you, or you can fill out the form here


How can I open the zip file? / Zip files are corrupt.

We recommend that you use either Winzip or Winrar for dealing with zip files.


When I try to access the journals, it prompts me for a username and password?

Please enter the same credentials that you used to enter the members area.


How can I view streaming videos?

You will need either Windows Media Player, Quicktime, Or VLC.


When streaming a video, Windows Media Player prompts me for a username and password?

Please enter the same credentials that you used to enter the members area.


I cannot enter the Cam Clique Chat, or I am seeing an error?
To view the chat, you must be coming from inside the members area. A bookmarked page simply will not work. You must be logged into the members area. If you are still having problems please contact support at


How can I view a webcam?

Once you have entered the chat room, you will see the models name to the left. Please click either full screen view or pop up view to view their cam show. You will need to have Windows Media Player or similar to view the cam show


I can not log into the chat room?

Your chat room credentials are different then your members area credentials. If you have not registered a chat room name, you will have to do so first. You will only have to register your name once.


Miscellaneous Questions

How big are the pictures?

All pictures are 930 x 1395


What formats are the videos?

The videos are in WMV and MP4 formats.


How big are the videos?

WMV videos are 720 x 480 and High Definition Videos are 1280 x 720



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